About Us


In effect of the structural changing in “Design and consultant Institute of Steel” the Foolad Technic International Engineering Company (FIECO) was founded in 1991. At the beginning, the field of company activity was the engineering and consulting service provider. After that the expansion of activities field to General Contractor (GC) with the market expansion trend and company capabilities development had been known necessary in strategic plan of the company. Also, this plan switching achieved a success to company in the market. In the other hand the company provides a variety of services to the other industries (include the steel industries) in terms of understanding the potential opportunities in the market as a strategic plan. This was the opening gate for the starting of “EPC” projects in the Oil and Gas industry, Energy, Mining and other metal industry. According to this new market, the company set out to establish the " Foolad Technic Construction & Installation Manufactory -No.:1" with the capacity of 24 thousand tons per year. This Manufactory has capability and potential for manufacturing, installing and building of industrial and technological structures, pressure vessels, equipment and machines related to heavy industry.

The others company Capabilities consist of as a follow:

• The Expansion of modernization, industrial automation and signaling

• The Expansion of inspection activities; consist of opening the China branch

• Software programmer and developer in Designing field.

 For example, designing:

  • The cooling tower design software
  • AUTO DRAWING software
  • INTEGRATING Software

• Cooperation agreements with technology provider companies in the world

• The implementation of financial management system and projects documentation system

Fields of Activities:

  • Implementation of EPC and EPC+F Projects
  •  Consultation and Engineering Project Management
  • Revamping and modernization of industrial plants
  • Manufacturing of machineries, equipment, steel structure and pressure vessel
  • Manufacturing of low voltage (LV) panel and control system
  • Feasibility Studies and Investing Supervision
  • Project management



Contractor and Consultant Certificates-Accredited Certificates-

  • Accredited General Contractor
  • First ranking of Engineering, Purchasing and Construction
  • Implementation of EPC Projects Consists of Rolling, Melting, Casting, Electrical and Electronic Industries.
  • Engineering, Consultation & Design Certificate
  • Banking and Credit Investment Consultant Center
  • Inspection

Management Systems Certificates

  • Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 
  • ISO 14001 – 2015 
  • ISO 45001-2018
  • HSE Systems (Healthy, Safety and Environment)

Recent Company honors:

  • The first local manufacturer of wagon tippler (type: O, capacity: 1500 ton/h)
  • Implementation of the longest (in one- piece) conveyer (3km) in Iran -project of material handling system from Golgohar to JSJCO-
  • Implementation of the first DRI plant with PERED technology in Neyriz project (employer: NGHSCO)
  • Revamping of (Increase and modify) crushing stone conveyer from 4600 ton/h to 6000 ton/h, also switch to new line less than 72 hours (employer: NICICO)
  • Programming and loading the first load sharing software for crushing stone conveyer system (employer: NICICO) 
  • Implementation of the deepest water pumping station -220 m underground- (employer: Regional Water Company of Isfahan) 
  • Consulting and supervision services for the biggest steel development project in related to balance production lines (employer: ESCO)


Projects and Records:

The company has performed in more than 200 projects in the field of EPC and Turnkey projects that consists of design, engineering, Procurements and construction as well as industrial automation, signaling, consulting and engineering. Also, we have worked in more than 800 projects in technical inspection, surveillance, studies and banking supervision. Therefore, we have potential to implement in all the above fields.