The construction Dept., one of the main departments existing from the beginning of the company’s establishment (year 1370), has effectively fulfilled lots of activities ever since.
The department, once, consisting of two groups namely “Construction” and “Structure” was working under “Construction Affairs”, then changing into a single department of Construction Engineering Dept., has been working under technical deputy since 1381.
Regarding that major part of almost all industrial projects involve construction activities; and since the constructional designs of such projects are mostly worked out locally, the great volume of activities carried out by this department are found considerably significant. Major activities of the department consist in designing steel structures, concrete structures, industrial and non-industrial ones for engineering projects, as well as EPC based projects. However, the department also carries out estimations in relation to the projects to take part in tenders.
Design controlling for other contractors, being conducted as a consultant, is also considered among the activities of this dept.