This unit is responsible for conducting the manufacture and production of equipment and steel structures in FIECo’s No.1 manufacturing and producing companies.

Activities being carried out in relevant work shops are:

    1. Drawing up shop drawings

    2. Manufacturing activities, including cutting, pre-mounting, welding and cleaning

    3. Sand blasting and painting

    4. Loading and dispatching to the site

In this regard, technical office of the workshop conducts activities such as: preliminary estimation of materials required for manufacturing, working out production schedule for each contractor, identifying and elevating shop drawings contractor, as well as manufacturing and production contractor by the manager of manufacture and production unit in association with the coordinator of the plant and supervisor of the workshop.

During manufacturing, activities such as cutting, pre-mounting, welding and cleaning under control of quality control experts of the workshop will be carried out in the formats for verification of manufacturing, welding and cleaning operations.

During sand blasting and painting stage, required controls take place in accordance with the formats for verification of sand blasting and painting operations, then, as soon as the manufactured items reach a tonnage capable of being dispatched, the work shop supervisor gives instructions for dispatching the same to the project site.