In order to assure the quality of supply and construction activities and to coordinate rendering of services in this field, measures are taken in this unit such as identifying and choosing team members for inspection of the project, supervising good performance of the saidteam, interacting with the company’s quality control and inspection management, theconsultant and the employer, as well as intimating the standards and modifications relating to the inspection activities.

Finalization of formats, work procedures and manuals are carried out in the kik-off meetings of the projects; and relevant reports are subsequently given to the concerned deputy management and quality control & inspection manager of the company.

Supervising documentation of all inspection records, receiving inspection orders from supply management, making cooperation with business management in working out data bank and identifying vendors for inspection management, supervising quality control of manufacturing, purchasing and construction, supervising technical inspections and surveillance for the equipment being purchased both locally and from foreign countries, are also among other duties of this unit.

In this connection, command of contractual terms and conditions in the field of quality, and attending meetings for third person assessment are managed by this unit.

For holding tenders relating to the projects, estimating the costs pertaining to inspections, as well as working out Q.C.P while preparing tender documents, are handled by this unit.