With a view to consolidate HSE operations for EPC projects, and to assure uniform meeting of HSE requirements all over the company, this unit was established.

In this regard, choosing H.S.E team members for the project, assuring meeting of the client’s needs as regards environmental, job safety and sanitary requirements, making sure that HSE plan is properly implemented, receiving reports from HSE team and forwarding the same to the projects deputy management and to the management representative are also considered as duties of this unit.

Making sure that all the documents relating to HSE management system are being registered and kept; supervising the registration and distribution of relevant principles and instructions for all the projects, are among the key objectives of this unit.

Other duties of this unit include establishment of preliminary interactions with client’s representative in order to choose HSE executive, command of contractual terms and conditions in connection with HSE instructions, estimation of costs pertaining to the projects HSE while submitting price offer, leveling of human resources for the company’s construction projects as regards occupational sanitary and safety engineering, following up and supervising execution of emergency manoeuvers, working out HSE plans for taking part in tenders, following up, receiving the latest rules and regulations connected with occupational sanitary and safety engineering, as well as environmental ones, and participation in meetings concerning third person assessment.