Project manager is responsible for implementation of the project in accordance with the contract concluded between client and the company; and is obliged to conduct and manage implementation of the project by making use of required factors and possibilities, as well as appropriate measures, policies, plannings and persistent control so as to be completed in time and as per the quality and standards set in the contract; and at the same time shall consider economical and advisable aspects in the interest of both the client and the company.


Some major duties of project manager are:

    - Scrutinizing the contract concluded between the client and the company

    - Visiting and getting familiar with the project site

    - Getting a good knowledge of the organization, teams and factors connected
      with client or the consortium.

    - Appointing executive managers, supply and engineering coordinator, planning 
      and control, expert in charge of contracts  and project quality control agents, in
      cooperation with the projects deputy manager.

Project manager is also obliged to identify and prepar a list of major activities of the project, as well as different scopes of designing, supply of equipment and materials, conducting control and inspection, commissioning, deliveries and storing for the project up to the actual operation stage.

In this respect, holding meetings with internal departments and terms, in order to explain and define the responsibilities concerning the commencement of designing, defining and determining the scope of work and the contract price schedule between consortium members, holding continual meetings and following up internal issues of the consortium members, prior to and after commencement of the project, are of a specific importance.

In grounds of project planning and control, the project manager has got some duties such as:

    - Giving guidance and instruction for dividing the project structure into plant,
      plant unit, sub unit and coding the project,

    - Defining and working out formats, methods of communicating between
      different project agents and the company, also with client’s agents.

    - Identifying the causes for failure of different activities of the project

    - Working out time schedules for different levels, as well as schedule for allocation
      of budget, credits and cost for the project, controlling and verifying of the same.

Also, in order to make sure of the work performance status of the projects, checking, controlling and verifying the work progress reports, investigating the causes of delays, remedying and eliminating the impediments and problems with a view to compensate the delays, directing and controlling the project to complete the works in due times as scheduled, are among other duties of the project manager.

Other major functions of project manager are: continual control off income, costs and credits of the project, making reasonable balance between income and expenses, controlling and approving of invoices for the performed works, planning and rendering services during guaranteed period, final handing over of the project and releasing of the guarantees.